Instructions to enter TEST CASES

In order to foolproof the data entry
procedure you are kindly requested to submit a test case ASAP.  Please follow the steps:

1)  Go to the “Data Entry” tab.

2)  Choose the data entry form “Base” from the rightmost menu.

3)  Please fill-in the form fields using fictitious numbers and data. Annotate the Patient
ID you just invented.

4)  Submit the form by clicking the button “Submit Base Data”

5) Do the same for the Data Entry Form “Preop”. Please use the same Patient ID.

6) Do the same for the Data Entry Form “24h post-op”. Same Patient ID, please.

7) Do the same for the Data Entry Form “1 week follow-up”. Same Patient ID, please.

Please note that no data is kept in the web forms. As soon as you click the “Submit” button, data is sent to the database manager and the form is cleared. FOR THIS REASON YOU MUST BE CAREFUL WHEN INTRODUCING “PATIENT ID” which is the patient number that appears in the first column in the randomization sheet. Should you need to change any data after submission, a new form must be generated.

When received in Barcelona, your data will be checked and an e-mail sent to you if any inconsistency is found.
Please keep your own record of patients enrolled (by screen capture or printing
each form before submitting) so you can promptly answer any queries we may

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